VH1 Top 100 Artists Of All Time: Greatest Artists List Unveiled By VH1

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VH1 Top 100 Artists Of All Time: Greatest Artists List Unveiled By VH1 – VH1 greatest artists of all time List can be found here. VH1 is back at it again with a new list that enumerates the top 100 artists of all time.

The music/reality network will be unveiling the names of the artits in a five-part countdown that will begin on Monday, September 6 and will continue every day at 10/9c and 11/10c through Thursday, Sept. 10.
So who are the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time?

Well wouldn’t you like the know.

VH1 has revealed the names of the first 95 singers on the list but kept the ranking for the Top 5 a secret until the final show airs. In alphabetical order, VH1’s Top 5 Greatest Artists of All Time List are:

The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones

Here is the actual rankings of the other 95 artists on the list:

6. Jimi Hendrix
7. Prince
8. Elvis Presley
9. James Brown
10. Stevie Wonder
11. Bob Marley
12. David Bowie
13. The Who
14. Nirvana
15. The Beach Boys
16. Madonna
17. Queen
18. Pink Floyd
19. U2
20. Marvin Gaye
21. Bruce Springsteen
22. The Clash
23. AC/DC
24. The Velvet Underground
25. Chuck Berry
26. Neil Young
27. Aretha Franklin
28. Elton John
29. Radiohead
30. Aerosmith
31. John Lennon
32. Black Sabbath
33. Guns N’ Roses
34. Tina Turner
35. Johnny Cash
36. Paul McCartney
37. Fleetwood Mac
38. Sly & The Family Stone
39. The Kinks
40. The Police
41. Van Halen
42. Metallica
43. Ray Charles
44. Joni Mitchell
45. Al Green
46. Ramones
47. Jay-Z
48. Rage Against the Machine
49. Parliament-Funkadelic
50. Sade
51. Billy Joel
52. Beyonce
53. Little Richard
54. Public Enemy
55. Peter Gabriel
56. KISS
57. Iggy & the Stooges
58. Cheap Trick
59. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
60. Whitney Houston
61. Cream
62. Genesis
63. Notorious B.I.G.
64. Talking Heads
65. The Doors
66. Justin Timberlake
67. Coldplay
68. Otis Redding
69. Tupac Shakur
70. Def Leppard
71. R.E.M.
72. Janis Joplin
73. Van Morrison
74. The Cure
75. Rush
76. Run-DMC
77. Lynyrd Skynyrd
78. Judas Priest
79. Eminem
80. Mary J. Blige
81. ABBA
82. Steely Dan
83. Earth Wind and Fire
84. Curtis Mayfield
85. The Band
86. N.W.A.
87. George Michael
88. Bee Gees
89. Beastie Boys
90. Elvis Costello
91. Green Day
92. LL Cool J
93. Pearl Jam
94. Mariah Carey
95. OutKast
96. Journey
97. Pretenders
98. Depeche Mode
99. Hall & Oates
100. Alicia Keys

Who will be number one? Our crystal ball says MJ.

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  1. paok says:

    what about iron maiden?
    they are better than 50 of these idiots!

  2. Brian says:

    This list is the biggest load, I have ever seen. Not to have Elvis at the top two with the Beatles? Not only that no Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix was around for two years and you put him ahead of the king this is a freaking joke.

  3. ecoh says:

    justin timberlake on the list?this is the biggest joke.He ruin music not making music.

  4. joe rabbottino says:

    Alice In Chains?

  5. joe says:

    this is perhaps the worst top 100 list i have ever seen in my entire life

  6. evan morris says:

    sounds like a lot of disappointed people over the artists picked. there are a lot of talented and not so talented artists who are there strickly for popularity. i think VH1 was confused on the difference between pop and actual talent. i for one thought Pantera should have been included more specifically dimebag darrel. most creative guitarists i’ve ever heard. just listen to the outro of the song floods. anyway lots of others should have been included. chili peppers, alice in chains. pathetic list.

  7. matt says:

    Flip Led Zep and The Who and it’s a pretty good list. The Who were around 4 years earlier and Led Zep was nothing but a carbon copy of The Who and Cream.

  8. WRP says:

    Top Ten Best Selling Music Artists

    #1 – Elvis Presley (over 1,000,000,000 album sales)

    Elvis Presley Leading the way in the chart of highest album sales is the original King of Rock ‘n Roll. Between 1954 and 1977, Elvis Presley recorded a total of 77 albums, with all but nine of them reaching the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart. After his death, countless box sets and reissues have been released, helping to push sales records even higher.

    #2 – The Beatles (over 750,000,000)

    The Beatles In their eight years recording together, The Fab Four from Liverpool recorded a total of 12 original albums, finding immense success all over the world. Since the Beatles split, there have been numerous remasterings of their work, and just this year there has been a digitally remastered release of the entire Beatles discography, soon to be offered on iTunes for the first time – sure to push them into contention as the highest selling music artists of all time.
    #3 – Michael Jackson (over 750,000,000)

    Michael Jackson Before going a little bit mad, “King of Pop” Michael Jackson was at one time probably the biggest star in the world. Starting out at the tender age of 7 in The Jackson Five with his brothers, Michael Jackson went on to form one of the most successful solo careers ever, releasing 11 albums and countless record-breaking singles.

    #4 – Frank Sinatra (over 500,000,000)

    Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra has probably the longest music career out of our best selling music artists, beginning his career in the 1930’s and still performing just a few years before his death in 1998. With international hits ranging from Come Fly With Me to New York, New York, the renowned singer and Oscar-winning actor is one of only four artists with a claim to selling over 500,000,000 albums.

    #5 – Abba (370,000,000)

    Abba Another 4-piece to make it into the list of highest selling musicians, Abba had a plethora of international hits in the 70s. Reaching fame with their breakthrough track Waterloo at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, Abba enjoyed over 10 years recording and touring together.
    #6 – Led Zeppelin (over 300,000,000)

    Led Zeppelin Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin are considered one of the first heavy metal bands. Interestingly the band never released any of their songs as singles in Britain (a few singles were released in the US against their wishes), instead working under the concept of album-oriented rock. Ranked at number one in VH1’s list of the 100 greatest artists of hard rock, Led Zeppelin have sold over 300 million albums and make it to number 6 on our list of the best selling musicians of all time.

    #7 – Nana Mouskouri (300,000,000)

    Nana Mouskouri Starting her music career in 1958 and still recording now, Greek-born Nana Mouskari is known for her trademark squarish black-rimmed eyeglasses and straight black hair parted in the middle, and longing, melancholy love songs to which her unique voice is so suited. She has recorded countless albums in an array of languages, leading her to sell around 300 million records worldwide.
    #8 – Queen (300,000,000)

    Queen Formed in 1970 by Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor (John Deacon joined them a year later), the English rock band have notched up an impressive 300 million sales between their 15 studio albums, 5 live albums and numerous compilation albums. Generally regarded as one of the greatest live bands of all time, Queen had great international success at their peak, gaining critical acclaim from all over the world.

    #9 – Tino Rossi (300,000,000)

    Tino Rossi An active and succesful singer and actor from 1929 to 1982, Tino Rossi operatic voice and “Latin Lover” persona helped him become one of the highest selling music artists of all time. Through his career he produced hundreds of records and appeared in over 25 films.

    #10 – Julio Iglesias (250,000,000)

    Julio Iglesias While there are many music artists to claim they have sold 250 million records (Alla Pugacheva, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Madonna, Pink Floyd), we have decided to go with Julio Iglesias to finish off our list of the biggest selling music artists. A promising career as a goalkeeper for Real Madrid FC cut short by a car accident, Julio Iglesias developed a highly successful music career, selling 77 albums and performing approximately 5,000 concerts and counting.

    • joe says:

      you know elvis got most of his stuff from the black blues artists before him, his manager was with them first, he go his style from them, the only reason he made it is because he was white.
      however he is one of the greatest performers of all time

    • joe says:

      and just because their record sales are highest by no means makes them the best, some of the best artists ever are guys on the street corner doing it for the love and dont get lucky enough to get noticed and recorded

  9. jb says:

    there cannot be any list without W.A.S.P. whoever made this list has apparently never listened to some of the greatest songs in history from one of the greatest songwriters in history Blackie Lawless

  10. jb says:

    there cannot be any list without W.A.S.P.

  11. jb says:

    there cannot be any list without W.A.S.P. whoever made this list sucks

  12. jASON says:


  13. r-dub says:

    The most successful guitarist of our times doesn’t make the list. Hmmm, interesting. It’s fascinating to me the different perspectives. The pop culture perspctive between mere listeners and the artist v. the perspective between artists themselves.
    Inarguably, the most successful and influential guitarist in history is Eric Clapton, yet he gets no individual mention here.

  14. big johnson says:


  15. Red Bone says:

    Not a bad list, considering they’re only choosing 100; I have a problem with the order of the rankings…seems it more about popularity instead of complete artistry.

  16. robert says:

    What the hell kind of musicians voted on this list. They just said musicians didn’t say whether they were accomplished or anything. I’m a musician, and I’m just starting to accomplish anything. That doesn’t in any way qualify me to decide who the best artists are. And they obviously got half asses to vote on this list.

  17. robert says:

    Imeant to say Rap got their butts kissed. J-Z bubble gum, Timberlake bubble gum, Beyonce bubble gum. Where’s Ice T or snoop or dr. Dre? List is crap scre vh1 and their crappy made up list. Like I said for the most part the list had some great talent but soem real fn significant acts got left out. Boston, Kansas Eagles, Sinatra………..etc.

  18. robert says:

    What a dissappointment. Yeah a majority of these groups are fine on this list, but I haven’t seen so much a$s kissing since the Oscars. I mean some great enduring acts were snubbed big time. You can’t tell me th Eagles for instance, among the first groups inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame, still drawinf unbelievable crowds. They play tight as can be…well they got snubbed, for the like of Coldplay, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Justin Timberlake!? The Eagles are just as important Fleetwood, Black Sabbath, Led Zep and of course the other 60s and 70s rock pioneers, but they got snubbed. And, they really got their buts kissed. NWA, Public Enemy definitely deserved a spot on the list no argumnt there. But when you put JZ, Tupoc, Eminem, and whoever else you feel you can get away with. Well You cheated a lot of deserving acts out of their spot. All to be poilitacally correct. Justin Timberlake? Why didn’t you just offend people properly and throw Britney or Miley Cyrus in there. And Velvet underground? They are dead as dead can be. Hey VH1 music is like Gospel, you can get it 99 percent accurate, but that 1 percent your off well……there goes your gospel. Just like your list.

  19. j.a.j says:

    my personal top 10

    1 michael jackson
    2 james brown
    3 bee gees
    4 air supply
    5 chicago
    6 bon jovi
    7 the beatles
    8 elvis
    9 prince
    10 n.w.a.

  20. Karen says:

    What about Frank Sanatra??? I know that he is better than most. He should be in the top 10 how did Beyonce make it but not him this list is just crazy.

  21. Dougpaul says:

    No Beatles without Buddy Holly

  22. brian says:

    Rush at #75 are u kidding me…………..i get so sick of Rush not getting the respect they deserve and where are the eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. reesie says:

    Or we gonna “blame it on the rain”? Where the hell is MILLI VANILLI??????

  24. carmen says:

    K-anyone with me on this-WHERE’S THE MONKEYS!!!!LOL

  25. Jeremy says:

    Where is Leona Lewis.

  26. OFALLTIME?? says:

    How did the Beatles get 3 SPOTS on this list? If you’re going to say these are the greatest artist of all time, there should at least be SOME classical music. Do not tell me Mozart did not change music. Let’s rename this list to “Greatest American/British Artists Since 1900.”

  27. Thomas says:

    No Red Hot Chili Peppers,no Deep Purple,CCR,and then the rankings OMG this is the last time I watch

  28. Dave says:

    Who put this list together? Pure dog crap! Where is Boston?? Where is Kansas??

  29. Jeff says:

    Bon Jovi? Eagles had better be in that top 5…

  30. TheSchwanz says:

    how the hell can you put justin timberlake and not red hot chili peppers. VH1 is dead to me.

    • robert says:

      Totally agree. This list is sticky with bubble gum.

    • MomLovesRHCP says:

      No RHCP!? This is a joke! What a freakin insult this list is! The contribution that group has made to music – they have had hit after hit after hit!! Alicia Keys beats out RHCP? What? (no offense to Alicia, but…) — They’ve had a career, consistently with hits, for over 20 years!! Under the Bridge, Give it Away, Scar Tissue, Californication, By the Way, Cant Stop, Otherside, Around the World, Tell Me Baby, Dani California, Snow (Hey Oh), Breaking the Girl, My Friends…. That’s just the songs that played over and over on the radio!! That’s NOT TO MENTION all the other AWESOME songs that didnt get radio play (Dont Forget Me, Sir Psycho Sexy, Wet Sand, Dosed, Stip My Mind, Descecration Smile, Road Trippin, Tearjerker, Especially in Michigan) — I could go on & on !! Cold Play, Timberlake, Keys?? — you got it wrong VH1!! Shame on you !!

  31. christopher says:

    list blows

  32. Cj says:

    Tool & RHCP? How the phuc did Justin Timberlake make the list?

  33. anonymous says:

    Given that this list was voted on by MUSICIANS, not *us* common people, I sense some question marks rising from this list. One thing’s for certain, however; I’m glad Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Shakira, all of who are has-beens along with Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and artists like that, didn’t make this list. If Lady Gaga were to make an identical list 10 or 20 years from today, I’d simply cringe.

  34. Katie says:

    Where the HELL are the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Are you joking?

  35. Parris says:

    XTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should be on there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Parris says:

    and CCR, Buddy Holly

  37. Parris says:

    were the hell are the chilli peppers