Rihanna Sells More Than Beyonce Worldwide

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Rihanna Sells More Than Beyonce Worldwide

Rihanna Sells More Than Beyonce WorldwideLil Wayne did a little blogging to reveal that Rihanna out sold Beyonce Worldwide.Wayne added that Rihanna is nicer than Beyonce.Wayne wrote on his new blog:

According To Soundscan, the latest figures show Beyonce selling 5,992,540 copies of B Day. While Rihanna sold 6,057,280 copies of Good Girl Gone Bad.I actually had the oppotunity to meet both of these BEAUTIFUL Women and I have to admit Beyonce was Looking really good I had a more memorial time when I met Rihanna Beyonce Sells 5,992,540 World Wide.Rihanna out does here with 6,057,280 World Wide.

Here are the numbers:

1. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black – 10.830.000
2. Justin Timberlake – FutureSex/LoveSounds – 9.004.000
3. Soundtrack – High School Musical – 8.155.000
4. Nelly Furtado – Loose – 7.998.000
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium – 7.536.520
6. Soundtrack – High School Musical 2 – 6.296.680
7. Fergie – The Dutchess – 6.206.540
8. Pink – I’m Not Dead – 6.181.820
9. Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight – 6.168.560
10. Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad – 6.057.280
11. Beyoncé – B’Day – 5.992.540
12. Alicia Keys – As I Am – 5.792.960

Rihanna Sells More Than Beyonce Worldwide

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  1. Delvin says:

    This is not true and Rihanna isn’t the queen of ANYTHING!!!!!!!

  2. Bobbie says:

    Simon Cowel, whatever, who cares what he thinks, he has made money off of other people sucess and failure, he’s ok, but his attitude stinks, American Idol, before that i did not know who the hell he was. He did not pick Jennifer Hudson, but she still made it so that shows you he don’t know everything. People are really getting on my last nerve, I loved the Supremes, the Temptations,The Four Tops, The Isley Brothers, Spinners, Earth,Wind and Fire, Commadors, This is just to name a few, and i never have heard peopld comapre all of these people and the groups alike. They all have had great sucess, some better than the other, but who cares, my generation, loved them all. They made up happy and proud, my goodness Marvin Gaye, This generation, some has the nerve to talk about Keith Sweat, the hell that man can’t sing, yes he can, i love all his songs. Do you know how many man that wish they could get a record deal. Look at the guy on Living Single, TJ Carson, i think it is that man can sing, but no one has given him a record deal. Look at Jaime Fox, he fought hard for his success, he did not give up. The break through came with the Ray Charles movie, he earned it. Stop hating on people that are trying to make it. If we as people would pray for our artist, maybe the would have a better life. Look at Aaliyah, maybe if some of us would have been praying for her, maybe she would not have taken that traggic flight. Maybe she ould be here today, but yet people are still trying to trash that poor child given after death. Give me a break, God don’t like ugly and it’s ugly when you talk about someone you don’t even know and never will know. Now go out next year and see her Movie, and support her life that she had and her dreams and her hopes for a better world. She left a real legancy, maybe she was not perfect, no one is. So get over yourselfs, and read your history before you judge people. Stop giving Beyonce sorry a$s so much credit,for shaking her a$s, that’s all she does. Rihanna, is hell of young give her time, to mature, and grown as a person. Chris Brown, wss not good for her. I pray that she finds true love, and be happy, i wish her the best. Beyonce would slept with Prince, if he would let her. He dont’ want her, he can get any women he wants. Prince can knock anybody out the park, he owns that. Say what you want, Prince got game, and he can write any check he wants. Think on that, we have a lot of musical people that we can be proud of. I love Barry White, on my goodness when i was younger, that is the first Black Man, i ever saw that had his own Orchestra. If you did not know, now you do. Once again, i say give Tihanna a chance let her grown, her become the women that she wants to be. How old is she now 20, and Beyonce is forever saying she is 28, that is the oldest looking 28 years old i have ever seen. Whatever, fake hair, the plastic surgery, i hope Rihanna don’t do nothing to her body. Stay natural, i don’t know where these people get this from. Say what you want but Marilyn Monroe was a natural beauty.

  3. Bobbie says:

    First of all stop compairing Rihanna with Beyonce, one she is much younger, and give the girl some time, i am so sick of people talking about Beyounce with her whorish a$s, her and Jay-Z are a joke, life is not all about money. They don’t even love each other, she was just trying to prove a point that she could get him to marry her. Then on stage at the awards, i love you baby, that’s the same thing Selena said to Chris at her awards, God rest her soul, Chris loved it. Jay-Z sitting their like a fool, what are you saying. They are both so fake, and Boyonce is jeaouls of Rihanna, she did not want him anyway, he was after Rihanna. Their record together, was a big seller, Beyonce and Jay-Z can’t even sign together. Who on here called Mariah Carey (Skank Carey) knock it off, you wish you could sing like her. She earned her rights to every song she sings, don’t disrespect Mariah like that. I am so sick of people hating on Aaliyah, Mairah, Rihanna, you can’t do it, stop hating and get a real life. You want to kiss some body’s a$s, that don’t give a damn about you, don’t even know you. I heard about Beyonce and her mom, how the dis people. Now they are selling their clothes in Wal-Mart. Wait first of all you are not Jacklyn Smith, she is an original Charlie’s Angel, and she has had some bad a$s clothes in K=Mart. Are they that desperate for money, it’s her singing and perfume enough. Give me a damn brake, give some people that are going to college to design school a break. Let someone else do something. She’s a copy cat, as soon as Mairah came out with her perfume, here she comes with Fire, I have not brought one song Beyonce has made, and i am not buying her perfurme, i don’t like fake people. People get a real life.She’s married to an ex-drug dealer, how fake is that. Her dad, sleeping around with younger girls, their is no excuse for that. Give it another five years, Tina Knowles is going to turn around and get the divorce anyway,she is just waiting to get what she really wants. Michael Jordan wife, did the same thing, she pull back the dirvorced, waited a frew yeaars, and took home the bacon and then some. HELLO, wake up people. Do you not listen or read between the lines, maybe all of you are just still to young and naive.

  4. riana says:

    The botton line is that Rihanna’s the queen of pop and stop being haters…..

  5. Emile says:

    This funny ok 1st off i was on wikipedia and there were talking about one of Rihanna’s vocal abilities as being auto tune lol She really has no vocal ability ANd Good girl gone bad was Rihanna’s best album but to say that rihanna is some how beating beyonce on a overall artist to artist comparison because rihanna was ahead of beyonce by 65,000 albums on one cd is kinda far fetched. I dont think beyonce’s albums have ever sold under 6 mil on how many albums have rihanna sold over 6 mil copies

  6. jayjay5able says:

    This is for all you dumd asses who still think rihanna is even in the same facinity of beyonce, how well did rated r do, not to good. it sold 181,000 in its first week, which is the most shes ever gotten off a debut week. are you kidding me. i am sasha fierce did way bettter selling 482,000 in its first week, the rated r tour was about to be cancelled because they were not selling out or even filling up seats, i am tour did all 93 dates and more including 6 sold out shows in dublin. rihanna tried to fake a beating to get publicity which didnt work she actually lost fans because they love chris more and she put out a mediocre album and an even worse tour.

  7. jayjay5able says:

    swettie sitdown and kiss the baby, beyonce isnt made up of height shes real talent works her a$s off, and shes already taking over the world, if jay z didnt do umbrella rihanna would be nowhere. and class act please faking some beatdown from chrisbrown is a class act, you need to sit your stupid a$s down somewhere, thats why her sales are going down.

  8. jayjay5able says:

    thats just in america DUCK, worldwide they have sold more.

  9. jayjay5able says:

    well beyonce is on the list as of today she has 11.2 million albums sold in the U.S., and not in her case she sells more overseas.

  10. sean says:

    As a solo artist, Beyonce has sold over 11.2 million albums and nearly 25 million singles in the United States. According to Sony, her total album and single sales, when combined with the group, have surpassed 100 million. On December 11, 2009, Billboard listed Knowles as the most successful female artist of the 2000s decade and the top Radio Artist of the decade. In February 2010, the RIAA listed her as the top certified artist of the decade. In 2010, VH1 listed Knowles at number 52 on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

  11. Stan says:

    Destiny child sold 55 million records and beyonce sold 36
    million after I AM …. 89 million records combined. No where near 100 million yet

  12. hahahaha says:

    Do not see how Destinys Child is the top selling female group when I see Dixie Chicks and TLC above them in US sales alone.

  13. hahahaha says:

    If yall really want the facts and to settle this, simply go to the source riaa.$$m. They are the ones that track album sales in the United States. Go to riaa.$$m, then click on Gold and Platinum, then click on top selling artist and just scroll down through the list.

    Here are the top Female artist, as far as album sales
    (US Album Sales Only)
    Barbra Streisand – 71.5 Million
    Madonna – 64 Million
    Skank Carey – 63 Million
    Whitney Houston – 55 Million
    Celine Dion – 50 Million
    Shania Twain – 48 Million
    Reba McEntire – 41 Million
    Britney Spears – 32 Million
    Dixie Chicks – 30.5 Million
    Linda Ronstadt – 30 Million
    Enya – 26.5 Million
    Janet Jackson – 26 Million
    Faith Hill – 25.5 Million
    Sade – 23.5 Million
    TLC – 22 Million
    Heart – 21.5 Million
    Alanis Morissette – 20.5 Million
    Toni Braxton – 19.5 Million
    Sarah McLachlan – 18.5 Mil
    Jewel – 18.5 Mil
    Mary J Blige – 18 Mil
    Destinys Child – 17.5 Mil

    Not naming the rest cause there are a whole lot more female artist on there. Beyonce isnt even on the list and they only include artist that have sold more than 10 million albums in the US. Like I said, these are US album sales only, but usually the US is the majority of an artist total album sales, so maybe this will help settle this.

  14. Nicki says:

    Rihanna is talentless.

  15. Ab says:

    Rihanna will never be as talented as beyonce she cant even hit a decent note live dont get me wrong she has good music but she will never be as great as beyonce.. Beyonce has won 16 grammy awards.. U just cant compare rihanna to BEYONCE its just not right………….!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Adam says:

    god your stupid!! 230 million records???? Did you dream that up or something??? and queen of pop??? did you also dream that up as well??
    Beyonce has NOT sold that much she has 40 million reocrds worldwide!! Madonna is the queen of pop with an excess of 300 million records sold! And Britney is the princess with 120 million records sold worldwide!!

  17. Adam says:

    WHY does everybody seem to add Destiny’s child sales with Beyonce’s solo sales?? BEYONCE IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THAT GROUP!! And beyonce is not the queen for all of you who have said that! Rihanna has done extremely well for herself but so has Beyonce, Yes beyonce has sold more overall hut good girl gone bad sold more than b-day!
    Madonna and Britney are more successful than both of them!

  18. Brrent says:


    “Beyonce is still FAR more successful than miss GOOD GIRL GONE MAD. B’s both albums have reached number 1 on the charts while rihanna’s 3 albums have never reached that position. B’s 1st album ‘Dangerously in love’ has sold more than 12 million WORLDWIDE… WHICH IS A BIT MORE THAN ALL RIHANNA ALBUMS PUT TOGETHER! ! !”

    Erm, Rihanna has sold over 30m albums…. in 4 years…

  19. maya says:

    yes it’s true rihanna do sells more then beyonce.rihanna have the best album.in 2007 & 2008 rihanna surprised the world with her biggest best album ever “good girl gone bad” these are most of the song from “good girl gone bad” that i like & on top..”sell me candy,umbrella,rehab,good girl gone bad,take a bow,disturbia,shut up drive,hate that i love you,& don’t stop the music” that was her biggest album of the year & it beats all beyonce’s album “iam.sasha firece,b’day,& dangerously in love”.yep rihanna’s a genius.

  20. darren says:

    those sales numbers were probably taken from sales in 2007 when good girl gone bad was released, but b’day was out in 2006. i am a fan of both rihanna and beyonce, but if they are being compared beyonce has to win.

    beyonce has sold 100 million albums worldwide (including destinys child) since 1998 and rihanna has only sold 12 since 2005.
    beoyonce has had a total of 7 albums (3 solo and 4 destinys child) and rihanna has 4. so i will only count beyonces first 4 albums (destinys child, the writtings on the wall, survivor and dangerously in love) and rihannas first 4 (music of the sun, a girl like me,good girl gone bad and related r). beyonces first album (destinys child) sold 4 million worldwide and rihannas first (music of the sun) sold 2 million. beyonces second (the writtigs on the wall) sold 4 million. survivor by beyonce sold 13 million and rihannas good girl gone bad sold 8 million. beyonces first solo album (dangerously in love) has sold 12 million and rihannas fourth album (related r) has so far sold 1 million.
    beyonce has won 181 awards throughout her career (95 solo and 86 destinys child)including 10 grammys,international artist award at the american music awards which she won in 2007 and whitney houston had only won it in 2009, outstanding contribution to the arts at the world music awards and destinys child have a star on the holywood walk of fame. rihanna has only won 60.
    on stage beyonce is praised by most for her stage presence her i am … tour is in the top ten selling tours of 2009, i dont think any of rihannas tours have been that sucessful.
    simon cowell even praises beyonce, back in an interview from 2004, he says that beyonce isnt a good singer, but in a recent interview this year he ate his words by saying that “beyonce is THE BEST artist in 20 years”, rihanna has never been given a comliment as good as that from someone like him.

    i personally think the whole way people compare someone like beyonce to rihanna is strange. beyonce is already starting to be known as a legend, some already call her the queen of pop and even the female or next michael jackson

  21. jessica says:

    “music of the sun” rocked.rihanna really rock the album.wow her first album & lots of good songs.”i am sasha firece” by beyonce’s best & last album of 2009 was also a good album.my mom is getting me a present for my birthday & she ask me “which cd do i want” between “music of the sun by rihanna” or “i am.. sasha firece by beyonce” cuz i told her i want both album but she don’t have that much cash to buy two increadiable albums.she have check but they don’t take check they take cash.who’s album should i buy “rihanna’s or beyonce’s”? i think i’ll wait if my mom have another money then i’ll buy “i am.. sasha firece” but on my birthday i’ll buy “music of the sun”.

  22. maya yasseh says:

    what is your favorite rihanna & beyonce song from their first albums “music of the sun”,& “dangerously in love” outta these “music of the sun”,”pon de replay”,”if is lovin that you want”,or”let me? & which of these do you like outta these “baby boy”,”crazy in love”,dangerously in love”,or “naughty girl”.i like “music of the sun” & “crazy in love”.”music of the sun” is like a song you hear & destiny comes outta your mouth.& “crazy in love” is like you are very crazy & happyly in love.

  23. renegade says:

    The bottom line of this ridiculous topic is that Beyonce has been announced America’s BILLBOARD FEMALE ARTIST OF THE DECADE because of her CONSTANT chart success. We’ll see if miss -good girl gone crap- will reach there 1 day. RIHANNA IS SIMPLY A PRODUCT CREATED BY HER LABEL WITH NO TALENT WHAT SO EVER! Her stage performances are WEAK as HELL! They always trying to change her style and look in order to sell. Thats how poor her artistry is. LOOK AT HER LATEST ALBUM. . . . . .THIS CHILD HAS NO STRONG FAN BASE YET AND THATS 1 OF THE MAIN REASONS SHES STRUGGLING TO SELL “RATED R” RIGHT NOW. Shes clearly going downhill. The GGGB era is gone forever! Talentless artists dont last. BEYONCE IS THE REAL DEAL that every critic has been praising!!! Even SIMON COWEL admits she is the biggest superstar we’ve seen in 20 years!!! Now lets all PUT AN END TO THIS. Argument is over!!